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As the founder of an Introducing Brokerage firm, a Commodity Trading Advisor firm and managing partner of a hedge fund, David has extensive experience in the alternative investment asset class. In his prior career as an engineering manager, he held key positions in the space program that embodied the definition of risk and systems management. He has found that most of these principles apply directly to designing better portfolio solutions in traditional investments. David joined Brad Barrie at Dynamic Alpha Solutions to collaborate in applying these principles to develop robust multi-dimensional portfolio management solutions for advisors and investors.

David began his career with NASA, working initially on the Space Shuttle program and later served in a variety of systems engineering and management roles on the International Space Station Program at Johnson Space Center. After a 25-year career in space systems engineering and management, he founded several businesses to assist investors in creating and managing their portfolios in a more "engineered" fashion. Later, applying engineering principles such as fault-tolerant systems design, Six Sigma, and root cause analysis, he founded several companies in the alternatives space (Managed Futures, FX, Algol Trading) that offered complementary elements to the traditional 60/40 investment portfolio.

Awards earned include the Honeywell Space Systems "Outstanding Engineer" award, NASA’s ASTP Award for the Apollo/Soyuz program, and a special letter of commendation awarded by the Associate Administrator of NASA for innovative solutions provided on the International Space Station program. David holds several professional licenses including the Series 3, Series 30, and Series 65. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and a Master of Science in Engineering Management.



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