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    How we do, what we do

At Dynamic Alpha Solutions, we provide solutions to financial advisors, family offices, endowments & other institutions to help “Simplify Complexity”. 


Our team will get to understand your needs & struggles. We can examine your current practices and identify opportunities. Helping you and your team understand our solutions, how they work and how to communicate them to your clients. Overall client goals, understanding their risk tolerance, the time frame they have in mind, past investment experience, and any knowledge that they may have on investing. At Dynamic Alpha Solutions, our solutions are not cookie-cutter.  That's why a critical first step is to Listen and Assess in order to create the foundation for which to make rebalancing decisions later.


Our lead research team has over 65 years of combined investment & financial planning experience, with the main focus of providing time-tested proven solutions to our advisors, so that they can help their clients reach their goals. Our investment plans are backed by extensive research using customized tools from leading firms, including Morningstar, a leader in the investment world, to gain greater insight into the assets, the best days, the worst days, and many other factors that will be considered to create the plan to meet your investment goals. However, having an amazing research tool is only part of the approach.  Our unique methods help us to uncover investment solutions that may be overlooked otherwise.

Package Design

We provide extremely comprehensive Multi-Dimensional Models designed as a core solution for your clients. Our Multi-Dimensional Portfolio Solutions are extensively designed, following a detailed process-oriented format. We take deep dives into exploring the Qualitative aspects as well as the Quantitative analysis of individual investments, as well as the overall portfolio. We work to answer the question, "what should I invest in?".  A client's goals are always a focus as models are created.

Is Dynamic Alpha Solutions an Outsourced Chief Investment Office (OCIO), an Allocator, or a Research Provider?

None of the above (and all the above, and much more).

We at Dynamic Alpha Solutions believe that there are two traditional types of OCIO's and Allocators in the marketplace: those that follow the strategic approach, following a traditional buy & hold allocation method.  These are the firms that believe they can pick the best funds for each style box, and then allocate to a fixed allocation (maybe tweaking the allocation slightly from time to time).

We do not believe any significant amount of alpha can be generated through this approach. 

Then there are those that say, we can be tactical & tell you when to increase or decrease certain allocations (increase large-cap value this month, and then next month move more to short-duration bonds, etc…)  There are a number of problems with this approach:

  • Decreased efficiency with a significant increase in the number of regular trading required with tactical shifts.
  • Significant increase in possible compliance issues.  When an advisor gets a trade signal from a tactical OCIO/Allocator, that trade needs to occur timely, otherwise, the model is not being followed.
  • When the financial advisor is viewed as the tactical portfolio manager, how does that advisor ‘fire’ themself?  We do not believe in ‘marrying’ a fund/manager.  Flexibility to ‘fire’ a manager or strategy should always be there.

Our Solution is Simple

We provide you with specific Multi-Dimensional asset allocation recommendations (which can be tailored to specific clients). Providing you with the ticker symbols & position sizes based on risk tolerance, so you can efficiently implement the portfolio solutions across your practice. The funds that pass our high standards are designed to fit a specific purpose in the portfolio. Many of the funds we select are designed to be flexible/tactical, such that you as the advisor do not need to be actively trading, that is left to the highly qualified fund managers. As we continue to ‘scour the investment universe’ and monitor investments, we will make ongoing recommendations to adjust funds and allocations. 

Our portfolios are uniquely created, which helps to differentiate your practice, add value to your clients, and help you efficiently grow your practice.

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