Market All-Time Highs and Consumer Net Worth

This is Brad Barrie, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager with Dynamic Wealth Group.  Welcome to this market and economic…

How Earnings Can Guide Investors

Join Brad Barrie from Dynamic Wealth Group as he discusses how corporate earnings can guide investors. Learn why focusing on long-term trends is crucial for investment success.

Why Cash is Not a Long-term Investment

Brad Barrie of Dynamic Wealth Group discusses the pitfalls of using cash as a long-term investment and better strategies for portfolio growth.

The Costs and Benefits of College

Explore the costs and benefits of a college education in this timely video update. Delve into the financial implications of higher education during the critical college planning season. Learn about the rising costs across different institutions, the expected expenses, and how choosing a major can influence career earnings. Discover whether the benefits of attending college still outweigh the challenges in today’s economic landscape.

How Oil Impacts Inflation, the Fed and Markets

Discover how oil prices influence inflation, Federal Reserve policies, and market dynamics in this insightful video by Brad Barrie, Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Manager at Dynamic Wealth Group. Brad unpacks the current trends in oil prices, their historical peaks, and the broader economic implications, including potential impacts on the U.S. economy despite being the largest oil producer globally. Understand the critical relationship between geopolitical events, oil price fluctuations, and their effects on investment strategies. This essential update will help investors navigate the complexities of market forces and economic indicators to make informed decisions.

Market Update: Market Pullbacks, Geopolitical Risk, and Inflation

In this update from Brad Barrie, Chief Investment Officer at Dynamic Wealth Group, dive into the implications of recent market pullbacks, escalating geopolitical risks, and persistent inflation. Understand the interconnected effects on your investments and strategies for resilience.

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