Investing for Retirement Amid Market Uncertainty

In this market update, Brad Barrie from Dynamic Wealth Group shares essential tips on investing for retirement amid market uncertainty. Understand the shift from pensions to 401(k)s, the significance of early saving, and the benefits of a diversified portfolio. Watch the video for more insights.

Broadening Market Performance

This is Brad Barrie, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager with Dynamic Wealth Group.  Welcome to this market and economic…


PRESS RELEASE – Dynamic Wealth Group’s Dynamic Alpha Macro Fund (DYMIX) surpasses $100 million in assets under management within a year, highlighting the success of their innovative investment approach. Read more about their multi-dimensional strategy and what this milestone means for advisors and investors.

5 Insights for the Second Half of 2024

Brad Barrie of Dynamic Wealth Group shares five key insights for investors to consider in the second half of 2024, including market trends, Fed rate cuts, and the impact of the upcoming presidential election.

Corporate Taxes and the Election

Brad Barrie, CIO of Dynamic Wealth Group, discusses the impact of corporate tax policies on the market and economy. As presidential debates heat up, understand the implications of proposed tax changes on investments and economic stability.

The Bond Market and Fed Outlook

Brad Barrie from Dynamic Wealth Group provides insights into the bond market and the Federal Reserve’s potential rate cuts. Learn how these factors could impact your investment strategy and the importance of portfolio diversification.

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