What is an OCIO?
  • An Outsourced Chief Investment Officer or OCIO provides the investment capabilities of an internal CIO at a fraction of the cost. From investment due diligence to model building to case design or general investment consulting, an OCIO can help provide institutional level investment services to advisory groups of all sizes. The other benefit is that for less cost you are employing a team instead of one individual, providing more depth of knowledge and experience across the investment landscape.
What services does Dynamic Alpha Solutions (DAS) offer?
  • We view our services as a partnership between us and your firm. Our team of experienced investment professionals can assist you in a wide variety of ways including:
    • Investment due diligence – we pride ourselves on scouring the investment universe, and when you or your clients come across something new, we are happy to dive in and give you a full run down of the investments merits.
    • Custom built models utilizing our Multi-Dimensional Asset Allocation framework – customized to you and your clients’ needs!
    • Case design and consulting – lean on our decades of investment expertise to help you solve client cases… from the most complex to more basic issues you may just need another set of eyes on. We are here to help however we can.
  • In the end, as partners, we are here to help you succeed in whatever ways we can.
Who do we work with?
  • Dynamic Alpha Solutions works with firms of all types, from large RIAs to smaller independent broker/dealer reps, we work with financial advisors of all types!
  • Please note currently we do not work directly with retail investors. However, we do subadvise a mutual fund. For more information visit the Dynamic Alpha Macro Fund webpage.
How much does your service cost?
  • The cost of our services varies depending on relationship size and intensity, but let’s just say we are a fraction of the cost of owning SPY etf.
What are the benefits of working with DAS?
  • Expertise
    • Our experienced team of investment professionals provides advisors with access to unique market insights and solutions, enabling them to make informed investment decisions. Plus, as experienced advisors, we have firsthand knowledge of the challenges our partners face like few other OCIOs do in the industry.
  • Customization
    • We tailor our solutions to meet the objectives of each of our partners and their clients. Whether designing a bespoke investment strategy or providing ongoing support for your practice, we work closely with you to deliver customized solutions that meet your specific requirements.
  • Risk Management
    • We define risk differently. Most other advisors and OCIOs measure risk as standard deviation or overall volatility. We believe the solution is not to minimize all volatility but rather the downside volatility. Thus, our approach measures, among other factors, risk as loss-standard deviation. Our multi-dimensional approach blends investment styles and disciplines, delivering returns competitive with benchmarks with much lower downside volatility.
  • Efficiency
    • By outsourcing your investment management functions to us, you leverage our know-how as advisors, resulting in cost and time savings, ultimately leading to improved investment outcomes.
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