Modern Investing Strategies with Kevin Simpson & Bradley Barrie

Modern Investing Strategies – A Deep Dive with Kevin Simpson and Bradley Barrie

In this episode of “Covered Calls with Kevin Simpson,” host Kevin Simpson engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Bradley Barrie, co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Dynamic Wealth Group. They focus on the nuances of modern investing strategies portfolio management in the current financial landscape. Mr. Barrie shares his expertise on the significance of adopting a multi-dimensional approach to investing. He also explains the importance of going beyond traditional stocks and bonds to include alternative assets and strategies. This diversified approach aims to generate returns that are non-correlated to each other and to the overall market.

The conversation delves into the intricacies of asset allocation and diversification. Mr. Barrie critiques the conventional use of standard deviation as a sole measure of risk. He proposes a more refined approach that emphasizes the importance of understanding loss deviation in portfolio management. Mr. Barrie comments that in his 20 years as a professional financial advisor, he never had a client complain about deviation on the up side.

An infographic explaining the importance of non-correlation in modern investing stragegies and portfolio construction, using the metaphor of a 'perfect cookie' recipe. Ingredients for cookies are listed with corresponding investment advice, highlighting that a varied portfolio, like a recipe, benefits from different elements (like salt, not just sugar) to prevent simultaneous gains or losses. The bottom text emphasizes following the recipe and allowing investments to mature over time.Additionally, Mr. Barrie shared his insightful cookie analogy. This analogy brings to life the concept of combining quality investment strategies with effective methodologies and expert portfolio management. This part of the discussion is enlightening, offering listeners a unique perspective on building modern investment strategies aimed at being more robust and resilient.

The podcast culminates with Mr. Barrie introducing Dynamic Wealth Group’s new mutual fund, the Dynamic Alpha Macro Fund (DYMIX). This fund’s approach is to blend long-only U.S. equities with a non-correlated global macro long-short strategy.

This episode is a resource for both financial advisors and investors, offering insights into the world of finance and investment. It demystifies complex financial concepts, making them engaging and accessible to a diverse audience. The hosts use their expertise to navigate various financial topics, providing valuable guidance and analysis. This episode educates and entertains, making it a good blend of information and engagement tailored for anyone interested in investing in today’s world.

For more information about the modern investing strategies used in our approach behind DYMIX, please visit our page on our “Dynamic Alpha Approach.

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