David Johnson

Co-founder | Managing Director | Chief Operations Officer

David Johnson is a managing director and co-founder of Dynamic Wealth Group, LLC. He is also the general partner of Global Capital Markets Fund, L.P., a global macro hedge fund, where he assists investors and family offices in creating retirement portfolios.

In 2010, Mr. Johnson founded Global Capital Group, LLC, a Guaranteed Introducing Broker of ADM Investor Services, a futures brokerage, and still serves as its principal. In 2005, Mr. Johnson founded Global Capital Investments, LLC a regulated Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) firm managing portfolios of foreign currencies traded on the global interbank market and energy futures traded on the NYMEX Exchange using proprietary methods.

Mr. Johnson started his career at NASA as a systems engineer on the Space Shuttle program. He later held numerous engineering and management positions over 22 years with Honeywell Space Systems on the Space Station and Space Shuttle programs. Mr. Johnson also worked on many civilian and military satellite programs. While working on the International Space Station program, Mr. Johnson served as the company’s Site Director at Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. He has received numerous awards, including Outstanding Engineer from Honeywell as well as the Space Shuttle Award & Special Letter of Commendation from NASA.

Mr. Johnson earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and a Master of Science in Engineering Management from the University of South Florida.

When David isn’t strategizing financial investments or supporting clients, you’ll likely find him perfecting his swing on the golf course. His love for the game serves as both a physical outlet and a mental exercise. Off the course, David cherishes time spent with his wife and family, especially with his beloved granddaughter. Both spheres of David’s life offer a refreshing counterbalance to his busy professional life.

Portrait of David Johnson, co-founder and co-portfolio manager of the Dynamic Alpha Macro Fund (DYMIX), dressed in a formal suit with a striped tie.
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