What Star Trek Can Teach You About Investing & Financial Planning

by Bradley Barrie, CFP®, ChFC®

Greetings, as a long-term fan of Star Trek and science fiction, it is with great pleasure that I present to you this educational comparison between the captivating world of Star Trek and the often-perplexing realm of investing. Whether you share my passion for the series or are simply acquainted with its cultural significance, I invite you to embark on this enlightening journey that draws parallels between Star Trek’s visionary themes and the principles of financial planning.

Star Trek has permeated the collective imagination for generations, leaving an indelible mark on popular culture. Its optimistic portrayal of a technologically advanced future has sparked inspiration and even realized some of its futuristic concepts in our own reality. But let’s not digress. The purpose of this blog is to bridge the familiarity we have with Star Trek and the potentially intimidating nature of investing. By intertwining these two realms, we aim to provide a fresh perspective that renders investing more approachable and, dare I say, enjoyable.

To the financial advisors among us, take note: the power of analogies and stories should not be underestimated. Incorporating relatable narratives can empower your clients, enabling them to feel more educated and at ease with their investments and long-term plans. So, whether you’re a seasoned investor, a Star Trek enthusiast, or a curious reader seeking financial enlightenment, I invite you to join me on this expedition into the intersection of Star Trek’s wisdom and the world of finance. Prepare to boldly go where no investor has gone before, as we discover the invaluable lessons that Star Trek can teach us about investing and financial planning.


Space, the final frontier. Beyond its thrilling adventures and iconic characters, Star Trek offers valuable lessons that extend far beyond the boundaries of the universe. As we embark on our own financial voyages, we can draw inspiration from the principles that underpin this beloved science fiction series. Join us as we explore how Star Trek can teach us valuable insights about investing and financial planning, guiding us on a path to live long and prosper.

Embrace Logical Thinking & Investing:

One of the most enduring traits of Star Trek’s Mr. Spock is his logical approach to decision-making. In the realm of investing, emotions can often cloud judgment and lead to poor choices. Just as Spock relies on reason, investors can benefit from a logical mindset. Analyze data, research trends, and make rational investment decisions based on facts rather than succumbing to fear or greed. Logical financial decisions are almost always better than emotional ones; if you start to panic, take a pause, take a deep breath, and ask yourself what Mr. Spock would do? By channeling our inner Spock, we can navigate the complexities of the market with a clear and objective perspective.

Diversify Your Portfolio like a Federation:

In Star Trek, the United Federation of Planets thrives on diversity and collaboration. Similarly, a well-diversified portfolio can help safeguard against market volatility. Spread your investments across different asset classes, sectors, and geographical regions. We would also suggest taking a step further, and following a multi-dimensional asset allocation, diversifying among different strategies, approaches & disciplines, not just asset classes. Read our blog on Multi-Dimensional Asset Allocation for more details.

Put Shields Around Your Portfolio and Goals:

Just as the Starship Enterprise has protective shields to defend against external threats, your portfolio needs safeguards to shield it from risks. Consider utilizing strategies and investments that can offer downside protection. Traditional stock and bond only portfolios generally lack proper protection, as we saw in 2022 and other years, big losses can occur when the factors that impact both stocks & bonds are negative. Refer to our other blogs for additional insight.  Many investment funds can now implement different hedging, options protection, or other strategies to help to buffer losses. Also, ensuring appropriate insurance protections is vital. If you get amazing investment returns, but leave an insurance risk uncovered, all those returns could easily disappear. Regularly review your goals around your insurance needs: Life, Disability, Long-Term Care, Home/Auto/Umbrella, etc. As we have discussed in other blogs, preparing for the future is better than attempting to predict the future. Having the Starship Enterprise’s shield at the ready, is always wise.

Seek Out New Opportunities:

In Star Trek, exploration is the driving force behind their missions. As an investor, it is essential to have a similar mindset. Be open to new opportunities, differentiated strategies, and innovative investments. Keep a watchful eye for trends and technologies that may reshape industries and present lucrative investment prospects.

Plan for the Long-Term:

Star Trek’s characters live exceptionally long lives, and they plan accordingly. Similarly, when it comes to retirement planning, thinking long-term is vital. Start early, contribute regularly to retirement accounts, and make sound investment choices that align with your goals. Patience and discipline will ensure a prosperous financial future.

Boldly Go Beyond Traditional Investments:

Star Trek pushes the boundaries of the unknown, and investors can adopt a similar approach by exploring alternative investments. Alternative investments can be a wide universe ranging from aggressive to conservative, from simpler to more complex, and as with all investments they have their own pros & cons. Many alternative investments are now more accessible through mutual funds or ETFs, mitigating obstacles to accessing these unique diversifiers. We find it helpful, when exploring any investment, to take a page from Mr. Spock, and think logically, and ask ourselves, “Why & how will this investment make money? What will drive the returns, and how are those drivers different from other investments?” For example, one type of alternative commonly used is private equity. The purpose of this article is not to analyze any investment or pass any judgement, but we would ask what drives private equity returns? If the answer is economic growth, and if that driver of return is the same or similar to what drives a regular stock, then any possible diversification one might expect is minimized. The beauty is there is a huge universe of investments. Continue to always scour the investment universe, looking for potentially new and better investment opportunities, keeping your tricorder handy.

Collaborate with Financial Advisors:

Just as Starfleet officers rely on the wisdom of experienced captains, seeking guidance from financial advisors can be invaluable. Experienced advisors can provide personalized advice, help create a comprehensive retirement plan, and navigate the complexities of investment strategies, setting you on a course toward financial success. Just like Star Trek uses tricorders and scanners to examine their environment, an experienced financial advisor can create a comprehensive analysis, which can be thought of as a detailed examination of your resources, goals, risk tolerance, timeframe, and other aspects to help determine the best course of action.


The wisdom of Star Trek transcends its fictional setting, offering insights that can enhance our financial journeys. By embracing logical thinking, diversifying our portfolios, and planning for the long-term, we can confidently navigate the ever-changing investment landscape and retire in prosperity. So, let us boldly go where no investor has gone before, applying the principles of Star Trek to make sound financial decisions and create a future that is truly out of this world. Live long and prosper!

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